How To Make Quick Updates To Your Bedroom

It’s difficult to tackle so many projects throughout your home without feeling overwhelmed. This is why it’s a great idea to take each part of the house piece by piece. There’s plenty of quick updates that you can make to your bedroom without breaking a sweat. The idea is to make little changes that have a big impact. Here, we’ll show you some easy updates that will make a big difference in your bedroom.

Use Color To Your Advantage

Adding bursts of color is the easiest, yet the most often overlooked decorating technique. You can add bits of color all over your bedroom. From small accents like picture frames and vases, it’s simple to add some color here and there. It will make a huge impact on the room.

Feel Your Way Around The Room

The textures you use in your bedroom is important to how comfortable the room feels. You can mix and match the linens in your bedroom from the type of throw you use to the type of rug that’s present on the floor. You’ll want to consider changing these a few times a year to match with the seasons. Warmer, fuzzier linens are best for the winter whereas lighter linens are perfect for summer.

Suit Your Style

There’s different textures and different items that match up with certain styles and themes. If you’re going for a more romantic feel, consider using velvets and cozy looking throws. Leather gives a more rustic feel whereas blown glass and antique-finished woods provide the feel of country living. If you’re looking for more of a modern bedroom, try teak wood, smooth leather and even plastic touches to achieve your look.

Change Your Accent Pillows And Shams

There’s something to be said for simply changing the pillows in your bedroom. Any throw pillows or pillow shams that are present in your bedroom could use a change each season or two. This will give you a fresh perspective instead of the same old tired bedding and accents. These simple changes can make a noticeable difference in your bedroom. Making these changes will also give you something to look forward to each and every season.

Change Your Window Treatments

Changing your curtains along with the seasons is a great idea as well. In the colder months, you may want to hang more insulated curtains to hold the heat in your room. In the summer months, light and airy curtains will help you to beat the heat.

Make It Personal

Your bedroom is the perfect place to hang your treasured photographs and artwork. Change up the pictures in your frames and the artwork on the walls every so often so that you can keep your memories flowing with goodness. You’ll get tired of staring at the same artwork day after day. By mixing it up, you’ll be able to showcase all of your favorite things throughout the year!

3 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Selling your home can be an uphill climb, particularly for those who fail to devote the necessary time and resources to enhance their kitchen.

The kitchen serves as a central meeting place in any home, regardless of size. As such, home sellers will want to do everything they can to create a warm, inviting kitchen atmosphere that helps make their residence attractive to homebuyers.

Ready to transform an ordinary kitchen into one that homebuyers won’t soon forget? Here are three kitchen remodeling tips that every home seller needs to know.

1. Consider All of Your Lighting Options.

Pendant lights represent wonderful additions in a kitchen because they make it easy to brighten up the entire space. Plus, these lights are both stylish and practical and may prove to be a viable option in your kitchen for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, under-cabinet lighting offers outstanding value, especially for those who want their kitchen to stand out to homebuyers.

As a home seller, you’ll want to do everything you can to impress homebuyers whenever they visit your residence. And with small, inexpensive under-cabinet lights, your kitchen may be better equipped to make a long-lasting impression on homebuyers.

2. Don’t Break the Bank to Revamp Your Kitchen Floors.

Over the years, your kitchen floors may have suffered scratches and dings that you’ll want to eliminate as soon as possible. Although your kitchen floors may be an eyesore, you won’t necessarily need to break the bank to enhance their appearance.

For example, if you have wood floors in your kitchen, you may be able to refinish them rather than having to commit substantial time and resources to replace them. Refinishing wood floors may allow you to make them appear as good as new, and the time and money you save by choosing floor refinishing over floor replacement could be invested in other home repair projects as well.

Also, if you have tile or vinyl kitchen floors, you may want to consider sealed cork in the future. Sealed cork boasts a distinct look and feel and will maintain its appearance for years to come, making it a stunning and cost-effective kitchen floor replacement option.

3. Consult with a Real Estate Agent.

Improving your kitchen can be exceedingly difficult for any home seller, at any time. Lucky for you, real estate agents are available who understand what it takes to revamp a kitchen’s appearance in no time at all.

Hiring a real estate agent may prove to be a great choice. This professional will help you evaluate your kitchen and ensure you can complete the right repairs to enhance its appearance. Moreover, your real estate agent will make it simple to establish priorities so you’ll be able to allocate time and resources to the right kitchen repair projects.

When it comes to enhancing your kitchen, why should you be forced to leave anything to chance? Instead, work with a friendly, experienced real estate agent, and you can streamline the process of transforming your kitchen into an asset that helps your house stand out to homebuyers.

Tips For Building A Home Wine Cellar

What longtime wine enthusiast does not dream of a private wine cellar, complete with an opulent tasting room and an elegant table for tasting comfort? If you love wine like I do, likely you have a lot of wine bottles consuming much-needed space in your kitchen. If you are really “into” wine and plan to stash a few bottles away to enjoy at its peak in five to ten years, then you are talking about a cellaring project. So, when you think about it, adding a wine cellar just makes good sense.

The majority of the country’s fine private wine cellars are admittedly on the luxury side, constructed to satisfy whimsy and the most sophisticated taste. However, it doesn’t take to big a bite out of the budget to turn unused basement or garage space into a wine cellar. Upon close examination, you will note that some of the most elaborate, and expensive wine storage racks are not that expensive to have built by a cabinetmaker or to build yourself. budget features a wealth of plans and construction tips.

Simply line the walls with shelving and racks, add a small table and a couple of bar stools and you have your wine cellar. If you are not into frugality and simplicity, of course, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars just to build the room complete with lighting, insulation and climate control. Its wise to remember that it is crucial to the safety and security of your wine inventory to provide a backup power source such as a generator that will kick in automatically in the event of a power outage. Then you will still need to allocate funds to stock it with wines that may cost several thousand dollars more. offers a diverse array of over 40 unique and innovative luxury wine cellars to inspire and motivate you to get started on a wine cellar project. Why not make it into the ultimate “man cave” complete with wrap around stereo, an entertainment center, a state-of-the-art pool table and a built in cigar humidor right beside your super-comfy leather recliner?

Who said it isn’t fun to dream?

Stocking Your Wine Cellar Wisely

Ideally, your wine cellar will be stocked with all you favorite vintages to share with family and friends, a few special bottles put away to celebrate a life milestone event, and then an eclectic selection of wines chosen for both their impressive flavor and unusual characteristics as well as their investment potential.

Remember The Basics

If you are purchasing wine to drink later, you want to store it at approximately 55 degrees F. with someway to control temperature fluctuations. Maintaining adequate humidity is just as important to keep corks moist.

If you have scant experience savoring wines that have aged in the bottle, enlist the assistance of wine loving friends or a knowledge wine shop proprietor to provide some sound advice on wines worthy of aging.

A personal wine cellar is all about aging wine. Sommelier Courtney Humiston of Charlier Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg, CA. advises, “The joy of aging wine is discovering how the fruit from a single year can continue to evolve for decades. If you prefer the fresh, juicy flavor of wines that have been recently released, then it could be that you should devote your resources elsewhere.”

Dread Cleaning the Bathroom? Follow These Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the bathroom is everyone’s least favorite chore. We often have to spray eye-watering chemicals and get up close to scrub places that we’d rather keep our distance from. It’s also one of the most likely places for the growth of mildew and mold, making it all the more important to clean regularly.

What’s more, all of those surfaces (baths, toilets, sinks, etc.) make for long hours spent scrubbing away in the bathroom, breathing in cleaning spray fumes. But we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll cover the most useful bathroom cleaning hacks to help you get in and out and back to your day.

Save your lungs with these natural cleaners

Infomercials constantly tout the effectiveness of the latest chemical bathroom cleaners. However, the cost of such solutions can add up quickly. Or worse, you can run out right at the moment you need it.

Fortunately there are cleaners you can make from common household ingredients that will get your bathroom shining without the need for a respirator.

A tiled bathroom wall looks great initially, but can easily build a dirty, moldy film on the grout. There’s a simple solution to this problem that you can likely mix up from items in your own cabinets. Add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar into a spray bottle. It may seem like a lot, but we’ll tell you why you’ll need it later Spray the grout generously with the solution. Then mix baking soda and water into a bowl so that it forms a paste. Apply this paste to a grout brush (or even an old toothbrush) to scrub down the grout and remove the mold and mildew.

Another place in the bathroom to use a natural cleaner is on the shower head. With the remaining vinegar and water in your spray bottle, pour it into a plastic baggy. Then, wrap the baggy around the top of your shower head and tie it with a rubber band so that none of the solution leaks out. The acidic vinegar will remove the mold and dirt that builds up in your shower head, causing it to spray unevenly.

Toilet tips

If you’re not great at remembering to clean your toilet, we have a good reminder. The next time you’re about to throw out an old dishwashing sponge, head to the bathroom, throw on your rubber gloves and use the sponge to clean the rim of your toilet bowl. It’s a good way to get one last use out of something you’d otherwise just toss out.

While you’re at it, get out the toilet bowl scrubber and scrub the inside of the bowl with toilet bowl cleaning liquid. Once done, pour some extra cleaner into the bowl and soak your toilet bowl scrubber in it to kill remaining germs. Then, hang it between the seat and the bowl so it can dry without dripping on your floor.